My Story

Hey! welcome to Detox.Today, my story probably starts out like so many others. In 2018 I had been diagnosed with a severe case of Psoriasis, and for anyone who is remotely concerned with their outward appearance I was devastated that I had to hide the ugly blemishes and scars that now covered by arms, waist area, and legs. Instead of taking the prescribed medication given by the doctor I was determined to heal myself naturally from the inside out. It lead me on the path to detoxing my body in the healthiest, most natural way possible. Come along for the ride.

Our Team

Jazmin Morris


When I’m not working on detox.today, you can find me at the gym, in yoga class, or enjoying the beautiful outdoors on my bike.

Tasha Martin


Forward thinking fashionista, at least that’s what my friends call me. Creating imagery that evokes emotion and excitement.

Lewis Bellow


Raised as a naturalist laid the foundation for my journey to a healthy, natural way of living. I’m glad you’re here for the ride.